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UK’s first Pride Boxing event set to support Pride in London

22 March 2017

The Pride Boxing Final will take place Friday 30 June (Photograph: Xclusivetouch)

Xclusivetouch, Cobra Gym and Pride in London are looking for members of the LGBT+ community and their supporters to take part in the UK’s first ever Pride Boxing.

The ground-breaking event will bring together amateur boxers from the LGBT+ community as they compete to raise money for Pride in London.

Organisers are inviting members of London’s LGBT+ community to get involved by taking part in a challenging 10-week training programme that will push them to their physical limits and ensure they are in top condition to go head-to-head with their opponent.

Training will commence from Tuesday 18 April at Cobra Gym in Victoria and will see contestants individually coached by renowned boxing trainer Jon Durrant - who has experience of training amateur boxers for sporting events such as The Big Fight UK. Contestants will then go on to compete in a grand final as part of the Pride in London Festival at Porchester Hall on Friday 30 June.

Polly Shute, Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships, Pride in London, commented:

“This unique partnership will allow the LGBT+ community in London to engage in boxing in a way that not only raises money to support Pride in London but will challenge perceptions. Boxing has a long Olympic history and is yet often misunderstood.”

“The aim is to truly represent the LGBT+ community, with as much of a gender balance as possible. We’ll be following everyone’s journey with interest and look forward to seeing the final on Friday 30 June at Porchester Hall.”

Robbie Cave, Co-Director of Xclusivetouch & Promoter for Pride Boxing, added:

“Having promoted boxing events in the past, we’re excited to be working with Pride in London this time round to support the LGBT+ community, which has previously had little awareness in this sport.”

“The training program is a challenge but such a rewarding experience for the competitors and there’s nothing quite like fight night; the energy in the room and the support for fighters is always what makes it for us!"

In addition to proceeds from Pride Boxing being donated to support the Pride in London Festival; contestants can expect to gain a variety of health and fitness benefits. These can include stress relief, improved cardiovascular health, increased stamina, heightened confidence and hand-eye coordination.

Those wanting to take part in the Pride Boxing contest can sign up at

  • Notes for editors

    About Pride Boxing:

    PRIDE BOXING is being held in association with Pride in London and will take place on 30 June 2017 at Porchester Hall. This is an official event of Pride in London with the proceeds supporting the LGBT+ community.

    No experience is needed to take part and all participants will receive 10 week boxing training to prepare for the event. Training begins on 18 April 2017 at Cobra Gym Victoria. The contest is open to anyone, of any ability.

    Those who register will be matched with an opponent of similar ability, weight and fitness level to ensure a fair contest.

    Contestants will receive:

    • 20 core group sessions and access to over 40 bonus boxing and conditioning sessions 
    • 3x 2 minute round amateur fights against an equally matched opponent 
    • Fighter profiles, including nickname and entrance music 
    • Photos, medals/trophies and more.

    By taking part, contestants pledge to raise a minimum of £50 via Pride in London's Golden Giving page.

    For further information, please contact Lauren Piercy from XclusiveTouch on 020 7734 9116 or

    About Pride in London:

    The Pride in London Festival will take place between 24 June to 9 July, and will showcase some of the most inspiring talents and celebrates diversity in the LGBT+ community, including theatre, dance, talks and conferences, LGBT+ tours, art and much more. The Pride in London parade will take place on Saturday 8 July.

    For more information about Pride in London 2017 go to

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