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About us

Who we are

Pride in London is run by volunteers (Photograph: Lauren Anderson)

Pride provides a platform for every part of London’s LGBT+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, questioning, intersex, non-binary, asexual, polysexual, genderqueer and gender variant people) to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and campaign for the freedoms that will allow them to live their lives on a genuinely equal footing. Our annual Parade through the heart of the West End gives us a chance to be visible and speak loudly to the rest of the city about what we have achieved, how far we have come and what is still needed.

Who is involved?

Pride includes people of every race and faith, whether disabled or able-bodied, and all sexualities and genders including lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, queer, questioning, intersex, trans*, genderqueer, gender variant or non-binary as well as straight and cis allies. Pride in London is run entirely by volunteers. We came together as London LGBT+ Community Pride in 2012 to find a way to deliver a Pride that London deserves. Join Team Pride

Our mission

  • Be fully inclusive of all sections of the LGBT+ community, free at the point of access
  • Provide a celebration of LGBT+ life and a platform to continue the fight for equality and to challenge prejudice
  • Establish Pride in London on a sustainable footing and grow the festival over time to serve better the needs of London’s LGBT+ community and promote London as a beacon to the world

We aim to be transparent as far as possible. That's why we hold regular open meetings to report on Pride and gather feedback. We are also committed to engaging with residents, businesses and other groups who are involved in or affected by Pride.

How is Pride run?

We have a voluntary board made up of independent directors. The board appoints people who it believes have the skills and experience to run Pride. Our senior managers make Pride happen and often manage teams of their own. We also have a Community Advisory Board, which scrutinises the decisions of the board and provides guidance on inclusivity and transparency.

The board


  • James Holt, Director of Communications
  • Alex Webb, Deputy Director
  • Rhammel Afflick, Senior Engagement Manager
  • Jay Asher, Policy & Public Affairs Officer
  • Suraj Bhanot, Policy & Public Affairs Officer
  • Umair Choudhry, Policy & Public Affairs Officer
  • Stefan Doering, Senior Manager - VIP & Celebrity Liaison
  • James Doran, Senior Manager - Photography
  • Rianna Fernandez, Senior Manager - Website
  • David Geary, Head of Political Engagement
  • Rhys Goode, Policy & Public Affairs Officer
  • Kristopher Hamilton, App Coordinator
  • Matthew Hemes, Senior Manager - Social Media
  • Sari Huttunen, Media Centre Manager
  • Harris Macleod, Policy & Public Affairs Officer
  • Richard Mcbride, Policy & Public Affairs Officer
  • Kenneth Pote, Administration Manager
  • Andrea Speziale-Bagliacca, Production Executive
  • Jeff Tong, Access
  • Joshua Young, YouTube Manager

Community engagement

  • Patrick Lyster-Todd, Director
  • Steve Taylor, Deputy Director
  • Darren Bell, External Liaison Officer
  • Adam Browning, Festival Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Chris Burke, Festival Curator
  • Scott Daniells, Festival Administrator
  • Mark Dunn, Community Engagement Manager - Young People
  • Peter Flynn, Senior Festival Manager - Marketing
  • Natasha Guiotto - Festival Curator
  • Simon Jones, Senior Festival Manager - Finance
  • Linda Mason, Festival Curator
  • Ian Massa-Harris, Executive Producer
  • Jessica Patey, Festival Marketing & Communications Administrator
  • Petit Printemps, Festival Business Manager
  • Beth Wright, Community Engagement Manager - Minority Groups

Finance and Administration

  • Akash Agarwal, Finance Manager
  • David Bloomfield, Director
  • Claudia Di Paolo, Finance Manager
  • Adam Endacott, Senior Manager: Stalls & Trading
  • Aimee-Rose Libby, Administration Manager
  • Alex Murden, Finance Manager
  • Kieron Yates, Senior Manager: Merchandise

Marketing and advertising

  • Alison Camps, Director
  • Iain Walters, Deputy Director
  • Paul Atkins, Graphic Designer
  • Poonum Chauhan, Graphic Designer
  • Megan Clark, Gala Dinner Assistant
  • Lee Curtis, Senior Manager: Creative
  • Tom Downard, Brand Activation & Asset Manager
  • Asad Dhunna, Senior Manager, Sponsor Marketing Activation
  • Chris Eeles, Advertising Producer
  • Jonathan Everaere, Media Planner
  • Peter Flynn, Senior Marketing Manager: Events
  • Leslie Li, Sponsor Marketing Manager
  • Leni Morris, Senior Manager: Gala Dinner
  • Lucy Mountford, Sponsor Marketing Manager
  • Patrick Osborne, Senior Manager: Research and Evaluation
  • Padraig Prendergast, Content Producer
  • Naresh Subhash, Publications Manager
  • George Walker, Senior Copywriter
  • Sinea Weintz, Sponsor Marketing Manager
  • Eric Wright, Sponsor Marketing Manager


  • Siobhan Linard, Director
  • Kirsty Wilkins, Deputy Director
  • Sarah Barron, Trafalgar Square Manager
  • Adam Benghiat, Executive Production Assistant
  • James Brittle, Production Manager
  • Michael Bryant, Parade Manager - Stakeholder & Engagement
  • Sandra Davenport, Womens Stage Curator
  • Chloe Davies, Production Assistant
  • Scott Davies, Event Liaison Team Manager
  • Amit Dhuna, Resident & Business Liaison Manager
  • Martin Hutchinson, Coordination Support Manager
  • Jeffrey Ingold, Volunteer Social Media Administrator
  • Tom Jackson, Senior Stages Manager
  • Chris Joel-Deshields, Resident & Business Liaison Manager
  • Matthew Kent, Access
  • Sarah Kneen, Production Assistant
  • Tom Knight, Producer
  • Pete Manley, Senior Event Manager
  • Ian Massa-Harris-McFeely, Executive Producer
  • Rob Millwood, Parade Manager - Operations & Planning
  • Jeff Tong, Access Manager
  • Heidi Tonkin, Soho Manager
  • Sophia Tuffin, Production Assistant
  • Chris Varney, Operations

Secretarial and legal

  • Mohsin Zaidi, General Counsel and Director
  • Nathaniel Crowley, Deputy Director
  • David Bufton, Legal Counsel
  • Kate Hamilton, Legal Counsel
  • Richard Macmillan, Legal Counsel
  • Ronnie Mortimer, Legal Counsel
  • Alexandra Zachmann, Legal Counsel

Sponsorship and fundraising

  • Polly Shute, Director of Development & Stragegic Partnerships
  • Iain Birrell, Fundraising Manager
  • Alan Bonvouloir, Senior Partnerships Manager
  • Stefana Chirvase, Partnerships Manager
  • Buck Cooke, Senior Partnerships Manager
  • Philip Curry, Senior Partnerships Manager
  • Joshua Dale-Skey, Team Coordinator
  • Max Davys, Volunteer Team Manager
  • Derek Dempsey, Sponsor Volunteers Manager
  • Belton Flournoy, Senior Partnerships Manager
  • Nicole Fraser, Senior Partnerships Manager
  • Sam Hubert, Senior Partnerships Manager
  • Nathaniel Johnston, Fundraising Communications Manager
  • Benjamin Kaye, Senior Partnerships Manager
  • Martin Kmiecik, Sponsorship & Fundraising Manager
  • Jonathan Lord, Fundraising Manager
  • Matteo Marin, Senior Partnerships Manager
  • Kat Marshall, Senior Partnerships Manager
  • Emily Martin, Headline and Gold Sponsor Client Manager
  • Odhran McAlinden, Pride's Got Talent, Picnic & Stages Sponsorship
  • Callum Metcalfe, Sponsorship & Fundraising Manager
  • Chris Munroe, Senior Manager - Trusts & Foundations
  • Alessandro Storer, Senior Partnerships Manager - Pride in the City
  • Alex Talcer, Senior Fundraising Manager
  • Ian Tanner, Senior Fundraiser

Volunteer Management Team

  • Abby Chicken, Head of VMT
  • Zainab Antoine, Volunteer Administration Manager
  • Sarah Barron, VolunteerRecruitment Manager
  • Phil Harrison, Volunteer Communications Manager
  • Louie Jones-Watts, HR Manager
  • Pete Manley, Training Manager
  • Joseph Vacchiano, Social Club

London LGBT+ Community Pride is a community interest company (CIC), which means that any surplus we generate can only be reinvested in Pride or given as grants to LGBT+ community groups. We reserve the right to exclude any organisation whose policies or leadership do not support the values of acceptance and inclusion that Pride promotes – which is a decision we will only take after consulting with our Community Advisory Board. Our logo was designed by Michael McDonough. Our website was designed and developed by Lauren Anderson.