We are London LGBT+ Community Pride – a community group that came together in the autumn of 2012 to find a way to deliver a Pride that London deserves.

We established London LGBT+ Community Pride as a Community Interest Company (CIC) to deliver Pride in London. We have set up the company so that any surplus we generate can only be reinvested in Pride in London events or distributed as grants to LGBT+ community Groups. You can find more about CICs here.

In 2013, Pride-goers rated the event as highly as the incredibly successful London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games!

Our mission

  • To be fully inclusive of all sections of the LGBT+ community, free at the point of access
  • To provide a celebration of LGBT+ life and a platform to continue the fight for equality and to challenge prejudice
  • Establish Pride in London on a sustainable footing and grow the festival over time to serve better the needs of London’s LGBT+ community and promote London as a beacon to the world

Our commitment to the LGBT+ community

Pride in London will encompass people of every race and faith, whether disabled or able-bodied, and all sexualities and genders including lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, queer, questioning, intersex, trans*, genderqueer or non-binary as well as straight and cis allies.

Community Advisory Board

Pride in London has committed to operating in as open and transparent a way as possible. We have supported the setting up of a Community Advisory Board (CAB) to guide our work. You can find out more about the Community Advisory Board here.  The CAB represents a wide range of interests across the LGBT+ community. They scrutinise and advise the Board of London LGBT+ Community Pride on behalf of the LGBT+ community.

Open Meetings

We have committed to regular public meetings to report back on progress and to gather ideas. We promote those events through the LGBT+ media our website and social media channels. We have also committed to engaging widely with residents, business and other groups who can support our activities or who are affected by what we do.

Our next open meeting is on Monday 31st March from 6pm. Find out more and book.

Wherever possible we aim to make information available to the community we serve. There is some information that we cannot share for reasons of contractual or commercial confidentiality. This is common to the way most companies operate.

Find out more about 2014 Finances here

The Board

The voluntary Board is made up of independent directors appointed by the Board.

You can find out more about the current directors here.

Minutes of Board meetings are published here.

The Board appoints people who, in its opinion, have the skills and experience to govern Pride in London. The Directors are personally responsible for managing the company in line with the requirements of the CIC regulator and Companies House.

Team Structures

The Board and the Volunteer Management Team

Operations Organogram

How we did in 2013

Overall nearly two-thirds of respondents to our survey in August 2013 said that Pride in London 2013 was better than past London Pride events they had attended. All groups shared this positive view:

  • Black & minority ethnic: 62%
  • Disabled: 55%
  • Lesbians and gay women: 63%
  • Gay men: 62%
  • Trans*: 50%
pride meeting

Community Open Meeting 19th February 2013