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Pride in Soho

Saturday 25 June 2016

#PrideinSoho last year (Photograph: Moyna Talcer)

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Pride in Soho

Soho has long been the centre of LGBT+ London, and during Pride in London it's a busy and vibrant space hosting our Women's Stage in Dean Street and Cabaret Stage in Wardour Street.

Women's Stage - Dean Street

Sponsored by King

Time* Speaker / Performer(s)
1300 Shelf Comedy
1315 Eleni C - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1325 Natalie Gray - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1335 The Office Girls - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1350 Helen Oakleigh - LGBT+ Poet
1410 Syrenna
1440 Aletia Upstairs - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1455 Sofia B - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1510 Yazmyn Hendrix
1520 Rebecca Whitney
1540 Rubyyy Jones
1600 Beth Wrhite
1620 Charley Monroe - Pride's Got Talent Winner 2015
1640 Richard Von Wild
1700 July Jones - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1715 Four Femmes on the Thames
1730 Sandra Davenport
1735 Dana Jade
1805 Toya DeLazy
1830 DJ Vikki "Legzyy" Meredith
1855 Christina Novelli
1915 DJ Tayylor Made
1930 Stages Close

Cabaret Stage - Wardour Street

Time* Speaker / Performer(s)
1300 Bambi & Roxx
1310 Dr Woof - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1320 Paul Bork - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1330 Aletia Upstairs - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1340 BenT - Pride's Got Talent Finalist with Stephanie Von Clitz and Rose Garden
1350 Lady Glamour Nouveau - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1400 Holly Dun Something - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1410 Heart & Soul - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1420 Henry Newbury - Pride's Got Talent Finalist
1430 Jordan Bradley
1440 Lord Hicks - Pride's Got Talent Cabaret Runner Up
1450 Jessica Collita
1455 Alex James Ellison - Pride's Got Talent Cabaret Winner
1510 Lilly SnatchDragon and Virgin Extravaganza's Hour
1515 Marnie Scarlet
1525 Frankie Sinatra
1535 Laura Nadia Hunt
1550 Helen Oakleigh - LGBT+ Poet
1600 Lorraine Bowen
1615 Sadie Sinner
1630 To be announced
1640 Ren Steadman
1650 Four Femmes on the Thames
1705 The RVT Drag Choir
1720 Le Poulet - Sarah Louise Young
1735 Dean Atta
1745 To be announced
1755 Sum Tin Wong
1815 LoUis CYfer
1825 The Vixens
1840 Yazmyn Hendrix
1850 Lubrikunt & Liquor
1900 Jacqui Swallows
1915 The RVT Choir
1920 Silver Summers
1930 Stage Closes

Soho Square Community Village

Thirty charities and community groups will have stalls in Soho Square on Saturday 25 June. The Square will also provide a quieter space, away from busier areas of Soho such as Old Compton Street and Wardour Street.


Do I need a ticket?

No, but the streets around Old Compton Street do get very busy during Pride. If there's a performer you really want to see, we recommend getting there early.

Is there a minimum age?

No, but we ask that under 16s are accompanied by an adult.

Can I buy food and drink?

Yes, there are lots of bars and food outlets in Soho.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

You can bring your own alcohol, but we ask you to support the bars in Trafalgar Square. Glass bottles are strongly discouraged.

Can I bring pets?

You can, but please avoid bringing pets. Soho is extremely busy on Pride day and dogs will find it stressful. If you do bring a dog, please bring their drinking water and make sure you clean up after them.

Can I bring large bags?

Yes, but please avoid if you can.

Is Soho accessible?

There will be BSL interpretation, captioning and live subtitling. Assistance dogs are welcome in all areas. If you need accessible parking, we have a small number of free places. There are also fully accessible toilets.

Where are the toilets?

We have gender neutral toilets in several locations in and around Soho. Ask our stewards if you have any trouble finding them.

Can I take photos or record video?

Yes! Please take lots of photos. Share them with us @LondonLGBTPride using #PrideinSoho.

Will there be security?

Yes, in addition to our volunteer stewards, we will have professional security guards.

Free admission
  • Access
    • Accessible toilets
    • Assistance dog friendly
    • BSL interpretation
    • Fully accessible
    • No induction loop
    • Speech to text
  • Admission
    • Free
    • Family friendly
    • No meet and greet
    • Under 18s welcome
  • When you're there
    • Gender neutral toilets
    • May be alcohol
    • May be crowds
    • May be flashing lights
    • May be loud noises

Any questions?

Please get in touch if you have any questions about this event.