Transpose announces this Summer’s London Community Pride Edition

For the very first time, this Summer’s Transpose show co-ordinated by musician, writer and trans activist CN Lester, will be performed as part of Pride in London, in the newly revived Pride Arts Programme.

The Transpose series, now in its fifth edition, offers an evening of trans and trans-allied artists making and sharing art to raise money for charity.  CN spoke of the upcoming show;  “I started the ‘Transpose’ series in 2011 as a way of raising funds for trans causes whilst celebrating the diversity of culture created by trans artists and our friends – something sadly overlooked in ‘LGB’ spaces where the ‘T’ functions as an afterthought. There are only two rules at Transpose: don’t make assumptions, and don’t disrespect – I’m pleased to say that nobody ever has.  It’s a fantastic environment, and I’m so proud that Pride in London will be lending their support to make this June’s Transpose the best so far.”

The Pride edition is in aid of You Are Loved, a new trans youth suicide prevention initiative co-ordinated by Trans Bare All.  Jay McNeil, co-founder of Trans Bare All, says; “Constantly experiencing negativity, such as the many transphobic stories prevalent in the press during the first months of 2013 takes a toll on our community, and can harm mental health and wellbeing. We want to perpetuate a different message – that you are not alone, and You Are Loved.  We are delighted that Transpose this summer will be supporting our endeavour. This is a project run for the community, by the community, and it is wonderful to have such support from others who are undertaking such fantastic and enlightening work.”

The Transpose evening begins with storytelling (Roz Kaveney, Jacqueline Applebee and Hel Gurney) and fllm – including a showcase from the My Genderation documentary project led by Raphael Fox and Lewis Hancox.  Fox says, “My Genderation are delighted to be working with Transpose to share four of our new short films.  Each film focuses on the subject of gender variance, aspects of social and medical transition, as well as show-casing individual interests, in order to humanise the process.”

The evening will continue with art and discussion/Q&A (Sara Moralo, Claudia Moroni, Camel Gupta) – followed by poetry and prose (Kat Gupta, Elaine O’Neill, Lyman Gamberton).  Finally, music from Wild and CN Lester to round off the night.

There will be opportunities for the audience to participate on the night, including the Translations project curated by Camel Gupta and Ajamu, gathering portraits to show the variety, beauty and importance of the lives of Trans, Gender Variant and Intersex People of Color in the UK.  Translations are hosting a video booth for contributors.

Wendyl Harris from Pride in London said, “London LGBT+ Community Pride is privileged to be involved with Transpose.  In previous years Pride has struggled to be truly representative of all our communities, but with a new committee we are working hard to change that with the help of everyone involved with Transpose. We look forward to an amazing night out and a fabulous parade the next day”.

Transpose: London Community Pride Edition will take place on Friday 28th June, 6.30pm – in the Cinema Museum, Kennington, the perfect setting for an evening of art, film and music.  £5 on the door.  More info at

For further information please contact: CN Lester

Wendyl Harris, Pride Arts Programme Co-ordinator