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Parade Group FAQs

Questions relating to Parade Group applications


  • Can individuals walk in the parade?

Yes, more details will follow.


  • I can access my account straight way?

Your account can only be accessed once approved.


  • Why do I have to have a login?

We want you to be able to upload information about your Group so we can feature you on the website.  The way we are aiming to do this is to let you upload pictures and information about your Group yourself.  This will then be approved and be available online.


  • How do I get to my parade group homepage/dashboard?

​You need to have registered with a username. Click Parade Group Dashboard and then login.


  • Do I have to pay for a Float and a Walking Group?

No, you only need to pay the float price. However we do still need to know the number of people in your Group for wristbands.


  • How do I change the number in my group?

​Please contact the Parade Team on


  • How long does it take for my Group to be approved?

We hope to approve all groups within 2 week. This can take longer as we are all volunteers and all applications are looked at by our Community Advisory Board.  The length of time has no bearing on whether you will be approved, it is simply we are all volunteers. thanks you for your patience.


  • What do my Groups need to enter the parde form-up area?

To enter the Parade form up area and Parade route, all that members of a Group need is a wristband, issued by Pride in London.


  • How do we tell Pride how many people are in our Group?

When you apply you will be asked to state the number of people in your Group.  When approved you will then have to pay for your walking Group or float according the number in your Group.  


  • How can I change the number in my Group?

Please contact the Parade Manager to discuss changing your numbers.


  • When do I get my wristbands?

The Parade Team will contact your Group leader with details of collecting and delvery.


  • I have asked for too many wirstbands what should I do?

Please contact the Parade Team as we can re-issue the wristbands to other Groups.


  • Is it possible to get more wristbands nearer to the time?

Once applications are closed, the Parade Team will review all the Groups in the Parade and if additional wristbands can be issued this will be communicated to all approved Groups.


  • Do we get any presense on the website?

Yes, all parade groups are listed on the Parade listing page and every group gets their own page with a unique URL so they can promote themselves.


  • I have a question not answered here

Please contact the Parade Team and we will be pleased to help.



Any questions?

Please get in touch if you have any questions about Parade Group Applications.