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Bank of England

Bank of England Rainbow Flag

Equality, diversity and inclusion are important to the Bank, and essential to the delivery of the Bank’s business strategy. The Bank’s greatest asset is the people who work for it. They are crucial to our success. We therefore need to attract and retain the best possible people. To achieve this, the Bank is committed to ensuring that employees are treated fairly, have a positive experience, and feel able to contribute to the best of their ability.

As part of the Bank's commitment to diversity in the workplace, a group of Bank staff have set up a LGBT+ and Allies Network. The aims of the network include offering support to anyone dealing with issues relating to sexual orientation (eg either personally or with friends and family); offering help with regards career issues (eg buddying and mentoring) and reflecting the diversity of our organisation which may help and support existing staff or staff joining or considering joining the Bank.


Speach by the Governor 09/02/2017:

Reflecting diversity, choosing inclusion: