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Capital Growth & KEENTOGREEN CIC

Together with Capital Growth, KEENTOGREEN is planning to spread our passion for planting within the LGBTQI+ Community. We will be a "growing presence" at Pride providing information about opportunities to grow food in London, volunteer at community gardens, get relevant training, attend open days, etc. 

We are in the process of setting up Rainbow Grow, which as far as we know is London's first LGBTQI+ gardening group (open to all who support our aims). On Friday the 12 May we will be holding a fundraising event at Spitalfields City Farm (tickets will soon be available on Eventbrite). KEENTOGREEN will host a Rainbow Grow event as part of Chelsea Fringe with a focus on differently coloured and shaped vegetables.

At the parade we will be handing out Rainbow Chard seeds - hoping to turn London into a Rainbow leaf at a time!