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Council of EX-Muslims of Britain

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) was established in 2007 to oppose apostasy and blasphemy laws, break the taboo that comes with leaving or criticising Islam and religion, defend secularism as well as universal rights, and provide support to ex-Muslims who are at risk of persecution, including honour-related violence and for being LGBT or women who transgress religious norms in Britain and internationally.

CEMB is a main hub of ex-Muslim activity in Britain and globally and has helped to establish and support many other groups. Until recently, ex-Muslims were a largely hidden phenomenon; now there is a tsunami of atheism and free thought thanks in large part to the impact of social media and the work of groups like ours.

CEMB activities include #ExMuslimBecause, or follow link on our website, which became viral and resulted in over 120,000 Tweets from 65 countries explaining why people have left Islam, a "flash-dance" in central London in support of ex-Muslims, and an international day of action for Bangladeshi bloggers and atheists, amongst others.

The important work of CEMB has been covered in a documentary called Islam’s Non Believers by the award-winning filmmaker, Deeyah Khan.

Like LGBT still do in many parts of the world and until quite recently in Britain, those leaving Islam face violence, threats, discrimination, shunning and ostracisation. Many of our members continue to flee persecution, some of whom are LGBT, including for their atheism, which is punishable by death in 14 countries.

The public renunciation and “coming out of the closet” as protest have similar parallels to the Gay Rights Movement. When one can be killed for leaving or criticising Islam, then the celebration and normalisation of blasphemy and apostasy are important acts of resistance.

To find out more about the work of the CEMB, see Deeyah Khan's film, Islam's Nonbelievers: copy & paste the link below or click the link on our website.