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Road closures and parking suspensions

There will be some road closures during the Parade (Photograph: Lauren Anderson)

PRIDE 2017

At 0600hrs Pall Mall East will close to allow infrastructure build around Trafalgar Square (residents of Suffolk Street and Suffolk Place will be facilitated) traffic will be diverted via Cockspur Street Bus Lane which will be suspended.

At 0600hrs Golden Square will close to allow infrastructure builds, traffic will be diverted via Beak Street to the North and Brewer Street to the South.

PARADE – Portland Place

Form Up 0900hrs in Portland Place; Parade Departs 1300hrs, Roads start re-opening from 1600hrs or earlier if safe to do so (Anticipated 2hours minimum for all participants to depart start area.) Roads along the route will re-open behind the Parade as it passes and barriers removed/cleaning have been completed. (Expected full re-opening by 1800hrs)

Portland Place - Closed entire length between Marylebone Road and Oxford Street (including Langham Place and Regent Street). Mortimer Street / Cavendish Place and Margaret Street East / West crossovers will remain open as long as possible to assist residents / businesses.

All intersecting roads will be closed to general traffic and any residents/businesses will be facilitated access up to Portland Place, Langham Place and Regent Street North of Oxford Street. The affected roads are as follows to the East / West are – Devonshire Street, Weymouth Street, New Cavendish Street, Duchess Street, Portland Place (access maintained up to Langham Hotel) Cavendish Place (stays open as long as possible to maintain East / West access across route, Margaret Street, Great Castle Street. To the East – All Souls Place, Riding House Street, Mortimer Street, Little Portland Street, Margaret Street, Great Castle Street.

The Parade route will be barriered from Langham Place, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, Waterloo Place, Cockspur Street, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, and Horse Guards Avenue. To facilitate this and in order to ensure shoppers are not impeded the barriers will be placed in the road, this will necessitate an early closure of the route in two parts firstly the area between Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus including approach roads will close from 1100hrs and the remainder of the route from Piccadilly Circus to Horse Guards Avenue will close from 1200hrs.

Roads closed from 1100hrs Oxford Street Eastbound between Portland Street and Great Portland Street North / South routes will be open and access maintained to businesses/residents, Westbound Oxford Street will close between Tottenham Court Road and Great Portland Street, access will be maintained to businesses/residents. Regent Street closed between Oxford Street & Piccadilly Circus.

All North / South crossovers will be open along Oxford Street to allow traffic movement, these include - Duke Street, James Street – (remains open to allow North/South movement into Gilbert Street) Vere Street (remains open allow North/South movement into New Bond Street) Hollies Street (remains open to allow North/South movement from Harewood Place) Davies Street (currently closed for Crossrail works at Bond Street Station).

Roads to the West of Regent Street – Conduit Street (between Saville Row and Regent Street) New Burlington Street, Vigo Street (between Sackville Street and Regent Street) Air Street (between Piccadilly and Regent Street) Roads to the East of Regent Street – Great Marlborough Street (between Poland Street and Regent Street - residents/businesses facilitated access) Argyle Street,

Little Argyle Street, Beak Street (between Warwick Street and Regent Street) to facilitate this closure Warwick Street will be made two-way (This requires the suspension of one-way working on Warwick Street currently one-way Northbound) Glasshouse Street (between Warwick Street and Regent Street) diverted traffic will travel East on Glasshouse Street then South onto Sherwood Street.

Roads closed from 1100hrs To facilitate barrier builds along the route on Regent Street and the remainder of the route additional closures will be implemented as follows; To
the West of Regent Street - Piccadilly Underpass Eastbound, Piccadilly Eastbound from Hyde Park Corner (except Buses and access) Piccadilly Eastbound between St James’s Street and Piccadilly Circus, Burlington Gardens (between New Bond Street and Vigo Street, Vigo Street (between Saville Row and Sackville Street, Pall Mall Eastbound between St James’s Square and Haymarket, Waterloo Place (between Regent Street and Carlton House Terrace, Car Charles II Street, Jermyn Street, To the East of Regent Street - Shaftesbury Avenue Westbound between Charing Cross Road and Great Windmill Street, (Charing Cross Road may have to be closed Southbound as a contingency if crowd numbers cause traffic flow issues around Trafalgar Square) Haymarket, Panton Street (between Oxendon Street and Haymarket),Norris Street, Carlton Street.

Along the remainder of the route St Martins Place (between Duncannon Street and Strand – closure will be extended to William IV Street as a contingency if crowd numbers cause traffic flow issues around Trafalgar Square) Strand Westbound from Lancaster Place (residents/businesses will be facilitated up to Charing Cross BR Station), Northumberland Avenue (residents/businesses will be facilitated in/out the affected roads are – Craven Street, Northumberland Street and Villiers Street (access out via Adam Street and Strand) Great Scotland Yard, Whitehall Place, Whitehall Court (residents/businesses facilitated – this requires suspension of No Entry from Horse Guards Avenue into Whitehall Court), Horse Guards Avenue, Whitehall, Parliament Street.

Parade Float dispersal will take place on Whitehall, Whitehall Place and Horse Guards Avenue between 1500hrs and 1800hrs. Road re-opening will be co-ordinated behind the Parade once safe to do so, as Baker Street is cleared it will open, once rear of Parade passes crossovers they will open and when clear of Oxford Circus then Oxford Street will open. Once Piccadilly Circus is clear all approach roads will be opened and finally once Trafalgar Square is clear all approach roads open.

Soho area – To ensure public safety when a large proportion of the Parade participants move to the area and to facilitate builds as agreed with the LOSPG from 0600hrs traffic will be restricted from the following roads bounded by Shaftesbury Avenue – Charing Cross Road – Oxford Street – Regent Street – Berwick Street – Poland Street.

The following roads are affected Air Street, Archer Street, Bateman Street, Berwick Street, Brewer Street, Bridle Lane, Broadwick Street, D’Arblay Street, Dean Street, Frith Street, Glasshouse Street, Great Paultney Street, Great Windmill Street, Greek Street, Ingestre Place, Lexington Street, Manette Street, Moor Street, Noel Street, Old Compton Street, Peter Street, Poland Street, Rupert Street, Sheraton Street, Soho Street, Soho Square, Wardour Street, Winnet Street. (Access to be agreed with Westminster Council prior to event and communicated by Pride to any affected residents/businesses) 

Parking suspensions

There will be parking suspensions along the Parade route from midnight on Friday 7 July. Suspension signs will be in place at all affected locations. Any vehicles that remain in suspended bays will be removed.

Full list of suspended parking bays 

If your vehicle is parked in any of the car parks in Soho and you need access to it on Saturday 8 July, you will need to move it no later than midnight on Friday 7 July. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your vehicle until after Pride has finished and roads have reopened in the early hours of Sunday 9 July.

Any questions?

Please get in touch if you have any questions about road closures and parking suspensions.