Pride in London Themes

Pride in Lockdown


Every year the capital sees over a million volunteers, artists and Pride-goers come together, united in their support of the LGBT+ community.

Although we may not be marching this year, now more than ever, we cannot lose sight of how important it is to support and celebrate our incredible community.

That's why we're taking our theme for 2020, #YouMeUsWe, online. It calls on each of us to reach out and understand one another, demanding us to be better allies within our own community.

Watch our video below on why support during lockdown has meant so much for members of our community, and scroll down to find out how you can make an act of allyship.

Postponed, but still united: You! Me! Us! We!

30,000 Acts of Allyship

We are calling on each and every one of you who would have taken part in the festivities this month to make an act of allyship. Our goal is to reach 30,000 acts - one for every person who would have marched in the parade.

Historically, the Pride movement has been built on a foundation of standing up for one another. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us, and from the Stonewall Uprising through to the present day, Pride has always been the moment we come together as a community in solidarity with one another.

As LGBT+ people, especially those from marginalised communities, continue to come under attack from many sides, this allyship is as important now as it has ever been. Show your support for the rest of the community today and make an act of allyship. Below are the three ways to make an act of allyship.

Donate to your community

Any donation, big or small, will contribute to the Unity Fund, helping to address the needs of LGBT+ people, and also support Pride in London’s vital work.

Be there for your community

Small but meaningful actions can show you're there as a supportive ally for all LGBT+ people. Check out our suggestions and make your pledge.

Celebrate your community

Who has been there to support you? Tell us about a time someone in the community was really there for you, we'd love to share your story and celebrate them!

You! Me! Us! We! in rainbow text

For Every Kind

A celebration of all LGBT+ identities

For the L’s, the G’s, the B’s and the T’s.
Plus the Allies and the Andros, Agenders and Aporas.
For the Butch, the Fluid, the Non-Binary.
The Inter, Demi & Grey - The Novi and Dyadic.
For the Maveriques and those who feel Dysphoric.

For the Aromantics, the Intersex and the gender Apathetic.
For the Questioning. For the Curious. For the Queer.

For every race. Every refugee. Every fluid identity.

For the Masculine. For the Feminine. The men and the womxn.
Ladies born as boys. And the girls who chose to change.
For the Mono, Poly, Allo, Andro, Gyno and the Pans.
For Peris, For Varis and everyone between.

Pride in London 2020.
You. Me. Us. We.

You! Me! Us! We! in rainbow text

We're determined to continue to provide a platform to unite, support and celebrate every part of the LGBT+ community.

With that being said, we're excited to launch our new Unity Fund. The Unity Fund will distribute one off grants to UK grassroots organisations that advocate and provide support for LGBT+ people.

Donations will contribute to the Unity Fund, helping to address the needs of LGBT+ people, and also support Pride in London’s vital work. So, if you're able to donate, any amount big or small will make a real difference to our community.

For more information on the Unity Fund and other ways to contribute to it, check out our Support Pride page.

Support our community

Donate now

Be there for your community

Sometimes it only takes small but meaningful actions to show that you're there for your fellow community members. During times like these it takes all of us - that includes you, me, us and we - to step up and show it.

We want to hear what action(s) you pledge to take to demonstrate your allyship. Select from our suggestions below, or even better, come up with your own! Once you've decided on yours, hit the button below our suggestions to make your pledge.

  1. Call out all forms of racism, Islamophobia, biphobia, homophobia and transphobia
  2. Ask for pronouns each time you meet someone new
  3. Follow, listen to and amplify queer BAME and trans voices online
  4. Actively engage with queer voices through books, film and media
  5. Educate friends and family about marginalised LGBT+ communities
  6. Participate in all international LGBT+ days, not just those including you
  7. Write to your MP about LGBT+ rights in the UK
  8. Show up and support queer performers hosting virtual shows and events
  9. Support LGBT+ owned businesses and organisations

How will you demonstrate allyship?

Celebrate your community

This year, we want to document and celebrate those everyday acts of solidarity that embody the spirit of Pride – the times when you've witnessed someone in the LGBT+ community supporting you or those around you.

It could be someone taking a stand against bigotry and bullying, offering meaningful support during a difficult time, or helping you to feel accepted and loved when you needed it most. Whatever your experience of allyship, we want to hear about it! Hit the button below to tell us your story, and it could even be featured on our site or social channels!

Want to share your story of allyship?