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Here you'll find our 2018 Impact Report reflecting on our achievements and addressing the concerns of the community. You’ll also find our priorities for 2019. Read these ahead of the release of our 2019 Impact Report to see what we were hoping to achieve at the last Pride in London.

What we achieved in 2018

  1. We delivered the most diverse Pride that London has ever seen, with every part of the LGBT+ community taking part in the Parade, performing on our stages, and taking part in our community events.

  2. More than a million people came to the streets for Pride in London 2018, including more than 150,000 in our key performance spaces in Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Soho.

  3. The biggest ever Pride in London Parade included more than 30,000 people in 469 Groups.

  4. The Festival included 120 events, two-thirds of which were free to attend or less than £10.

  5. Pride’s Got Talent (PGT) attracted more than 190 artists to take part in auditions, and it was the most diverse PGT yet.

  6. Sponsorship income – which helps to keep Pride free – exceeded £650,000, including new sponsors and partners such as The AA.

  7. The Greater London Authority awarded Pride in London the contract to deliver Pride for the next five years, recognising our success since 2013.

  8. Our core team of senior volunteers contributed more than 71,000 hours to Pride in London, with a monetary value of over £2.1m, and were rewarded with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

  9. More than £190,000 was raised by our Fundraising team, including more than £59,000 from merchandise sales.

  10. Our ‘Pride Matters’ campaign reached almost half a billion people on social media, and more than 200m on traditional media, and ‘Over the Rainbow’, our film for 2018, reached more than 4m people and was shown in one of Channel 4’s key ad breaks.

Download the 2018 Impact Report

Our strategic priorities for 2019

In 2019, Pride in London set a range of highly ambitious goals. We wanted to make Pride an even more inclusive experience. Below, you’ll find what our priorities were. Our 2019 Impact Report is coming soon - when it arrives, we’ll make it available here.

  1. We will review and enhance event security with our delivery partners and develop new processes to ensure, to the best of our ability, that the Parade is a safe and welcoming place for those who share the values of Pride in London.

  2. We will work to achieve greater inclusivity into our culture, both in terms of our structure and the delivery of Pride in London.

  3. We will review our governance and advisory needs and structures in line with the requirements of our new agreement with the Greater London Authority, and implement changes ahead of Pride in London 2019.

  4. We will work to increase the visibility of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) LGBT+ people in the Pride festival and on Pride day itself, including the creation of a new World Area.

  5. We will enhance the visibility of LGBT+ youth in the Parade, working in partnership with community groups, in response to the findings of the Pride Matters research.

  6. We will continue to build on our community engagement activity, to work with more groups from a broader spectrum of the community.

  7. We will develop and implement a programme of year-round training for our core team, to enhance their skills and ensure their contribution is rewarded.

  8. We will put in place succession plans for key roles within our organisation.

  9. In the fiftieth anniversary year of the Stonewall Inn uprising, we will recognise the contribution of those who have gone before us, ensuring that trans people are front and centre in our activities.

  10. We will continue efforts to secure the future financial health of Pride in London by developing both existing and new income streams.

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