We want Pride to be a safe space for everyone (Photograph: Lauren Anderson)

We want Pride to be a safe space for everyone (Photograph: Lauren Anderson)


You can call, text or WhatsApp our Access Team. The number is 07539 196 313. You can also email The number is not to be used for general enquiries. Details of our enquiries number can be found in the footer of every page on this website.

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Will I fully enjoy an event?

We will publish any important information prior to the event which will help you decide if it is for you or not. This will include if the event is wheelchair accessible, has BSL interpretation and is assistance dog friendly.

The information will also inform you if the event is open to all ages for everyone to enjoy and if the event has gender neutral toilets. Organisations must explain any restrictions on admission.

As we are an organisation that embraces diversity and equality amongst all, we do not accept events that exclude trans* or genderqueer people.

However, if an event is men or women only, it must be open to all people who self-define as men or women.

We give priority to events aimed at people who are sometimes underrepresented at pride.


What if I have a bad experience?

If you have a bad experience please let us know if any of the events fall short of the standards listed below so we can investigate.

Pride In London works closely with volunteers, staff, performers and/ or members of the public – so we ask all organisers to commit to tackling any prejudice expressed by these.

As an event that projects the message of Love in London we expect all events and organisers to provide a safe space free of prejudice and/ or discrimination. This includes but not limited to homophobia, biphobia, transfobia, racism, sexism and ableism.


How accessible is the Parade?

Love Happens Here isn’t a selective campaign. It is an inclusive one and at Pride that means the ability to participate. Whether you just want to visit the website, become a year round volunteer or just turn up on the day and take part in the parade, the aim of everyone at Pride is to remove barriers to participation.


Pride in London is an amazing event that everyone can enjoy so we try our best to make the entire Pride weekend as accessible as we can. Although London is full of pavements and flat roads, there are steps, curbs and a lot of grass that can make conditions difficult if the rain comes.

Just as Pride prepares for all conditions (from strong winds and rain to a heatwave), we ask that you do the same! Consider the ground conditions and unpredictable British weather when deciding what facilities you may need and what equipment you need to bring. 


Our parade is very accessible for everyone to enjoy. To make sure you make the most of the parade, there is a viewing platform and wheelchair recharging point in Trafalgar Square. To make everyone feel safe without missing out on any of the fun – we have a safe space in the Parade where we have appointed dedicated volunteer access stewards. We also have a shuttle bus that runs alongside the route. Don’t worry if you have a furry friend for the day, assistance dogs are welcome in all public areas.


How Accessible is the Parade if I use a wheelchair?

For wheelchair users or anyone who is concerned about walking the whole parade route, you can join us in the Parade Safe-space. This marshalled area, near the front of the parade, has specially trained Access Volunteer Stewards including a BSL interpreter. Directly behind the Safe-space is an air-conditioned minibus for those who may need to rest during the parade. Our volunteers are also on hand to provide any advice about the day. 

Speech to text

There will be captioning and live subtitling for deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people.


Hearing loop

We will be providing a hearing loop facility at the Trafalgar Square Viewing Platform.

Wheelchair charging points

There will be wheelchair charging points in Trafalgar Square, which will be normal domestic power sockets. Our access stewards will be able to show you where the charging points are on the day.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome in all areas. We will provide dog bowls and water, but please plan to look after all your dog's needs during the day. There will be a dog rest area in Trafalgar Square.


There are fully accessible toilets in Trafalgar Square, Golden Square, Soho Square (at the corner of Brewer Street and Lexington Street), at the junction of Wardour Street and Shaftesbury Avenue, and next to the Dean Street Stage. We also have a Changing Places toilet for which users will need to bring their own sling. The Changing Places toilet will be part of the London Ambulance compound at the top of Pall Mall East.



Visit us at for more information about our commitment to participation, including other ways we can help you celebrate that Love Happens Here.