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Parade application details for 2019

In February 2019 applications will open for groups to apply to be in the parade. As with previous years, groups will be required to fill in an application form online. The application form is then reviewed by the parade team for errors, the community engagement and community advisory board, and finally signed off by the Pride in London board of directors. To help you prepare for your application, below are some useful documents. Please read the guidance notes on what information we will be requesting so you can start to draft this out. Please also read the guidance notes of what to expect and the best way to enjoy your day at pride in London as a group.

There are a couple changes for 2019 to be aware of so a brief rundown of the changes is below.

Wristbands for groups with floats

Based on the feedback from groups who brought floats in 2018, we are separating out the number of wristbands from the size of floats. To do this groups who would like a float need to apply for a float (selecting the size) and then an additional request for the number of wristbands they would like (EG, a small float and 100 wristbands). Float prices do not contain any wristbands, other than the number we require you to bring to cover the safety of the vehicle.

Hop off the bus

Following feedback from paraders, spectators, key stakeholders and our community as a whole, this year we are working to reduce the number of double decker buses in the Parade. We have been told that spectators feel looked down on and that the atmosphere when marching or on a float is much more electric by groups that have tried different vehicles in different years.

To help monitor this we will be reviewing applications where a large vehicle has been requested. Applications from Parade groups wishing to have a double decker buses will be subject to review and will be considered on the grounds of accessibility and fundamental need.

Please do not book a vehicle or commit to a booking before your application and your vehicle choice has been approved.

Entry fees for 2019

Group Type

Walking group of up to 50 wristbands

Walking group of up to 100 wristbands

Walking group of up to 150 wristbands

Small float

(up to 6 meters)

Large float (maximum of 10 meters)

Non Profit






Small Business






Standard Rate












For guidance in the application process download the below document:

For specific requirements regarding your group type, download the appropriate document below:

If you have any questions not answered in the guidance notes in relation to the parade, please email We aim to reply within five working days.