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22 May - 29 May


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Wilkie Branson - TOM (Sadler's Wells, Digital Stage)

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Wilkie Branson’s TOM is available to watch on the Sadler's Wells Facebook page from Friday 22 May - at 7.30pm BST. It will be made available to view for seven days on Facebook and YouTube.

In a new version of Wilkie Branson’s dance-for-camera installation TOM, innovation meets age old questions in this dark and affecting journey of self-discovery, touching on issues of loneliness, isolation, mental health and the perseverance of the human spirit.

TOM is the latest movement creation of award-winning choreographer, filmmaker and Sadler's Wells New Wave Associate Wilkie Branson, which would have formed part of our Digital Edition in April, redeveloped as a digital work for the Digital Stage.

This piece explores themes of loneliness and mental health, which may be distressing for some viewers.


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