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Lesbian history tour for singles

  • Leicester Square London, England, WC2H United Kingdom (map)
Lesbian History Tour of London (Photograph: Pink Lobster)

Lesbian History Tour of London (Photograph: Pink Lobster)

From 6:30pm to 10:00pm

Lenard Pink’s singles walking tour, in partnership with Pink Lobster Matchmaking, The Wild & Wonderful Women of Westminster will dissect, poke and prod those women who have battled, campaigned, fought and slept their way into the history books.

Pink for Pink tours will be putting the movers, shakers and shimmiers under a large microscopic lens, examining the likes of Emmeline Pankhurst, the lady who challenged the British Establishment and got the vote for women, to Nell Gwynn who became one of the most famous mistresses of Charles II and probably one of Britain’s biggest whores.

Celebrated media personality, Lenard will talk about the rise and fall of Boudicca and her desecration of The Romans Londinium, poke Radcliffe Hall and ask the question: Why did Virginia Wolfe kill herself? And discover why lesbian sex was rife in the West End of London.  

This event is exclusively for single women whether you’re a lesbian, bisexual or just like women. A great way to meet your lobster and what an amazing story to tell your future grandchildren about how you met.



  • No accessible toilets
  • No speech to text
  • No induction loop
  • Not fully accessible
  • No BSL interpretation
  • Not assistance dog friendly


  • Under £40
  • Over 18s only
  • No meet and greet
  • Not family friendly

    When you're there

    • No gender neutral toilets
    • May be loud noises
    • May be flashing lights
    • May be crowds
    • May be alcohol

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