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5 July 2019

5:30pm to 10:00pm


The Apple Tree

45 Mount Pleasant, Clerkenwell, London WC1X 0AE


Step free access, Accessible Toilets, Complimentary ticket for personal assistant.

Gender neutral toilets

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Pre Pride Parade Party

  • Nightlife
  • Social and Networking
  • Community

Come meet and befriend some bi+/ally people who'll be at Pride on Saturday and give yourself a head start. Free event, excellent food available and choice of alcoholic/not drinks available. Donations taken to cover costs. Possible dancing later. You also might get to meet some of our invited special bi celebrity guests for the parade. Already being able to recognise and feel comfortable on parade day with people you know, really helps the day go well. Venue is bi friendly (co-owned by a female bisexual).


Extensive mocktail selection; very tasty vegan-first menu.

Getting to The Apple Tree

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