Aidan / CocoaPix

Splash 1.0


Artist name

Aidan / CocoaPix



Artwork information

High quality print, 30 x 40 inches


A photographic portrait of a sexy awesome/talented performer called Santi Storm.

Photography by @CocoaPixPhoto, Model @SantiStorm, Visor by @YokaiCandy, Choker by @VulpinicVestements


About the artist

Hi I’m Aidan of CocoaPix, I was made in a London lab. I’m a non-binary Asiany squid with galactic origins. I love blue and I love the sea. I like flowers, colours and slimy stuff. I love photographing cool people, sexy people and cool sexy people. If more people weren’t afraid to be themselves, I think everyone would look like a cartoon or some really awesome video game character or something. Never be afraid to express yourself on yourself with awesome things even if people are mean to you, they’re just jelly they aren’t as cool as you. Do your thing, be your thing, love your thing.