Ajay Pabial

Shyam Dattani


Artist name

Ajay Pabial



Artwork information

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas, 260 x 145 cm


This portrait is of aspiring Kathak dancer Shyam Dattani. Throughout my queer journey, I've met some really amazing people from the community who have shaped my identity in more ways than one . When I first met Shyam his confidence was what struck me, it left me in awe and feeling envy. I found Shyam to be this embodiment of power, humility and seduction. His presence alone radiated confidence and optimism. In Hinduism, many gods are depicted with blue skin, the colour representing divinity, the infinite and the immeasurable, just like a cloudless summer sky. This painting of Shyam is a form of reverence for his continued inspiration for myself and others alike.


About the artist

As an artist of Indian descent, Ajay’s work is a visual record of various cultural and social encounters, and of individuals he has come across. Through colour, line and characteristics the image is remade, transformed as a new aesthetic vision.

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