B-Brown and Scheinmann "Adored & Adorned"

Big Pink Nellie

Mixed Media

Artist name

B-Brown and Scheinmann "Adored & Adorned"



Artwork information

Photographic print, painted and adorned with 3D mixed media, 124 x 144 cm


"Big Pink Nellie" is celebration of self expression... the power of "camp", depicting a tour de force of nature that is defiantly out and proud.

Limited Edition Prints of 55 x 71 cm are also available from £295, unframed.


About the artist

Harvey B-Brown is an award winning artist and filmmaker. After graduating from the RCA with a Masters in Fashion, B-Brown started directing high profile commercials and music videos. Clients include George Michael, Elton John as well as International fashion houses and mega brands designing sets, costumes and installations. In 2016 he started a collaboration with world renowned photographer David Scheinmann producing a series of artworks under the name “Adored and Adorned".

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