Bhushan Sharma



Artist name

Bhushan Sharma



Artwork information

Acrylic, Exact Image size 395 x 274 mm, External mount 500 x 400 mm


In Hindu mythology 'Ras' (Dance of divine love) was a dance performed by Lord Krishna with Radha and her friends. This is my interpretation of that dance in gay abandon.


About the artist

I am Bhushan Sharma, from Warwick, UK. I Identify myself as a gay man. I am good-bad, smart-dumb, a lover-a heart breaker, angel-devil. Not perfect, but who is. In short, I am human, and have an interest in art. This artwork is both a celebration of who we are today and how we got here. Hopefully through these vases we can learn a little more about the diverse people that have paved the way for where we are today, and hopefully their stories will help to activate and ignite the flame of activism in all of us to continue our fight for inclusivity and LGBTIQ+ rights.