Chierol Lai

Some people find salvation on their knees. (I find her between mine)


Artist name

Chierol Lai



Artwork information

Acrylic on linen, 50.8 x 76.2 cm unframed


Through the gaze of her female lover and an act of divine practice, she becomes immortalised. The painting captures a moment of intimacy to the point of worship viewed from the lover’s perspective and the moment the female body ascends. The difference in style between the two people represents the differences between them yet coming together. This painting is part one of two, with part two titled, "(Some people find salvation on their knees.) I find her between mine". This painting forms part of an on going project, “Salvation”.


About the artist

Born and raised in The Netherlands to Chinese parents, Chierol Lai now lives and works as a Facade Engineer in London. Following a break from artistic production during university, she rediscovered her passion for art as an exploration of themes of mental health, her queer and cultural identity. She loves to be involved in the queer community, with her latest bout fundraising with Pride Boxing UK.

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