Fifty-Two would not have been possible without our incredible curator, Dusty O. Dusty has been working hard to shortlist the final 51 pieces of art, and has added his own piece, COVID QUEEN, to complete the collection!

dusty o curator

Dusty O was one of the most visible and popular faces of Soho for a quarter of a century. As a performer, DJ, writer, fashion muse and club promoter he carved a career which took him all over the world leading to hundreds of magazine and television appearances and the soubriquet "Queen of Soho". For 7 years Dusty headlined the month-long run of the West End, X rated, adult comedy "Dick" at the Leicester Square Theatre.

Five years ago, he started painting as a new and more private format to express his creative output and energy. Since he started painting, he has built up a loyal online following, selling in excess of 500 pictures and showcasing his work in 5 memorable national and international exhibitions. In 2019 Dusty was the first Queer artist to be invited to exhibit his work at The Houses of Parliament.

Dusty O's works reveal a glimpse of his past experiences and lifestyle, and mirror his likes, dislikes, foibles and eccentricities, dripping with contorted images of his reality as a performer and human being. Playing heavily on colour, whilst utterly dismissing their regular usage and norms, full of frenetic energy, vigour and spontaneous creativity.

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