David Mook

Our LGBTIQ+ Heroes and History


Artist name

David Mook



Artwork information

8 x Ceramic Vases, W 21 cm x H 18 cm x D 8 cm


These are ceramic flower vases featuring the portraits of LGBTIQ+ activists that made significant changes for the LGBTIQ+ community, Roberta Cowell, Marsha P Johnson, Laurence Michael Dillon, Sylvia Rivera, Jeanne Manford, Audre Lorde, Bayard Rustin, Vito Russo. These vases are made to commemorate, thank and honour. They retell the rich history of those that fought before us and hopefully will remind and inspire us to keep fighting for the future ahead. Can be sold individually or together - £100 each.


About the artist

David's family emigrated from Southport, Lancashire to Vancouver, Canada in the sixties. His family held strong to their English roots as David felt like his Canadian home was the only one covered wall to wall in flowery wallpaper. David's dual nationality led him back to his heritage as he moved to London in 2000. David is in the process of finishing his MFA at Chelsea University of the Art London and loves working as a nursery teacher at a primary school in Newham. He lives on a barge and can often be spotted boating up and down the Great British Waterways.