Dominique Holmes



Artist name

Dominique Holmes



Artwork information

Pen and ink on paper, 42 x 60 cm


This piece is from my Serpents series. It depicts the concept that throughout history, in almost every culture, female sexuality has been seen as sinful, and controlled by the patriarchal society, yet WLW relationships are hypersexualised in a predatory manner.

This art work supports the queer community by opening conversation around the history of our culture and what it means to us today, while also highlighting the lengths people had to go to to discreetly signal their desires, due to the threat of incarceration or violence. Celebrating how far we have come regarding our right to authentically live our lives and what else needs to be done to reach true liberation.


About the artist

I am a non-binary, lesbian multi-media artist, writer and activist from east London. Alongside my practise as an artist exploring spirituality, sexuality & gender through ancient mythology, I write, research and talk on tattoos as a feminist/queer political statement. I am also co-director of Forest Gayte Pride, and founder of SheHerTheyThem, a non-profit community building initiative for queer women, NB, GNC & trans individuals in London.

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