Marius Els



Artist name

Marius Els



Artwork information

C-Type Kodak Metallic mounted on Aluminium with fixings Battens, 24 × 24 inches (610 x 610 mm)


This is a Conceptual Fine Art photographic manipulation that depicts the strain and persecution (presented by the cross) of being constantly under attack by a prejudiced society. The subject or scarecrow comes to life and mysteriously emerges from the ground to scare the crows or dark forces away. The psychology behind superheroes or our inner superhero is a way to help us cope with adversity and trauma, discovering our strengths and using them to survive even if it is a moment to escape from the real world into a daydream. (Wearing a cape or tights is optional!) There are still many of us that suffer from homophobic abuse and the trauma thereof, so it is important that we keep on rising up and continue to make a stand for equality.


About the artist

Marius Els, South African born and now living in the United Kingdom, is a London based new media artist and illustrator using photography to express his creativity in a surreal, theatrical way through digital montage and manipulation. Marius uses his experience and influences from when he was a classical ballet dancer to create imaginative imagery with poignant storytelling. Each project consists of research, planned modelling, props and landscape photo shoots from which he gathers chosen images to create the final image. Marius says, "The whole process of creating these images can be rewarding as a lot of the topics are close to my heart and personal."