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Photograph printed on high quality paper (unframed), 90.7 x 96.39 cm


BLKQUEER’ERE” is an illustration inspired by my Black Queer friends within the community. This piece is a symbol of representation that as Queer POC identities, we exist in the UK as majority-“minorities”. This is for the future, For Us and By Us, the ordinary and extraordinary - because nobody is going to illustrate our stories better than the people who live them.


About the artist

RHYANRHYAN-ART is a Black Queer Multidisciplinary Artist, based in Hackney. Whilst always being an advocate for change, RHYANRHYAN’s desire to explore his inner power to articulate himself creatively as an artist increased after experiencing personal trauma since Coming Out to his family last year - forcing him into a journey of rediscovery. The culmination of his professional and personal experience has fuelled him to explore Black & Queer identities, using his talents to celebrate and document The Black Queer experience.