Stephen Waters


Mixed Media

Artist name

Stephen Waters



Artwork information

Mixed media, plywood, polyester wadding, PVC vinyl, printed vinyl, H 122 cm x W 104 cm x D 6 cm


It's Fred and Friend! It's queering iconic British characters. It's subverting... re-branding and chucking it back out there.


About the artist

Steve from Essex here. In the vernacular of the drag queen, I’m channelling mixed media, upholstered pop culture and Dorothea Tanning inspired soft sculpture. I’m using layers and padding to create sometimes humorous, sometimes startling illusions. I am not afraid to appropriate, subvert, transgress and give it a damn good queering. I am shamelessly re-branding and chucking it right back at ya honey! It’s 2D! It’s 3D! It’s sound and colour and very touchable.. but please.. I’d rather you didn’t.

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