Stew Simpson

Ron's not right


Artist name

Stew Simpson



Artwork information

Oil and Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 51 cm


A queer look at depression through the eyes of a gay man whose partner has left him, leaving him in a desperate state and close to the edge. Contemplating a life of loneliness without the love of the one you thought was the one. This work sites the influence of Edward Munch and Francis Bacon. It is oil and acrylic paint. This was based on a friend who was suicidal after his partner left him. The ex lovers are now friends again and no one died.


About the artist

Stew Simpson (He/Him) is a 42 years old singer, songwriter, artist and actor. Best known for his work with Folk Rock band Hadrian's Union and recent LGBTQ Grime Music Hall crossover with Professor Tim Wilson 'Love Simply Love'. Stew has a degree in Fine Art and is a constant creative force using whatever media comes to hand to make that connection.