The Sober Painter



Artist name

The Sober Painter



Artwork information

Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 9 inches


This is day 21 of my sobriety, I'm hopeful but still feel agitated hence the clashing colour. Addiction sadly plagues the Queer community. I want to use my artwork to let people know that recovery is possible, colour heals and support is available.


About the artist

I became sober on 29th September 2019. I remember specifically that day, as I'd hit rock bottom. Without alcohol my life started to get better and I felt physically more able to face the world. My depression and anxiety lessened, and I began to get rid of my debts and start looking after myself a bit more. I've kept a diary since then, and every picture I paint is a numbered day of my sobriety. I paint exactly what I was feeling on that day using colours and textures recorded from that day.

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