Our 2017 campaign theme is


In 2017 London will host its largest and most vibrant Pride ever.

Marking 50 years since Parliament first voted to partially legalise homosexuality in the UK, which applied to England and Wales only, Pride in London will be marching with a message of hope, acceptance, activism and love.

We have come a long way in 50 years, yet we face daily reminders that the global battle for true equality is far from over, and rights hard won can be threatened, attacked and taken away.

As we continue to battle discrimination at home and abroad, London will send a defiant message to those who wish the LGBT+ community harm. We will take a defiant stand against hate, but also importantly, celebrate who we are

When we stand together we are a powerful and positive symbol of acceptance, support and friendship.

This summer join us to celebrate love in all its forms, and to be part of a movement that symbolises everything rich, colourful, vibrant and courageous in our community.

We will reject hate and we will say, proudly, Love Happens Here.

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