Be part of Pride in London 2020: Parade applications now open

Jan 16, 2020

Pride in London is opening applications for its 2020 Parade today, encouraging community groups both big and small to take part in one of the world’s most diverse parades on Saturday 27 June 2020.

Groups that want to apply are required to fill in a short application form that is available at From local LGBT+ groups to larger businesses and brands, the Parade continues to showcase the very best of London’s diverse communities. 

As per previous years, all applications are reviewed by the Pride in London board of directors in line with the organisation’s Parade Policy, as well as by the Community Advisory Board. Only official groups are permitted to join in the Parade - those who have not submitted a successful application will not be able to take part. 

Pride in London has a set of core values that all groups are expected to share, including celebrating all parts of the community. Those groups that do not align with those values will not be authorised to march. The organisation  takes active steps to ensure diverse representation in the Parade, with a particular focus on trans and non-binary inclusion.

In recognition of the importance community groups have in supporting and bringing together LGBT+ people, Pride in London will continue to maintain low prices for these groups, starting from just £1 per person for LGBT+ non-profits. Additionally, community groups will continue to receive the majority of places in the Parade.   

Last year Pride in London celebrated  50 years of queer revolt with its Pride Jubilee, marking half a century since the Stonewall uprising in New York which sparked the global Pride movement. Nearly 1.5 million spectators lined the streets to view London’s most diverse and accessible parade to date, with over 30,000 people marching from across the LGBT+ community. With record demand once again, over 590 groups took part - a 32% increase on the number of groups marching last year.

Rob Millwood, Deputy Director of Operations at Pride in London, comments: ‘Opening applications for the Parade is an exciting time as we start the countdown to Pride in London 2020. Last year’s Parade was our most diverse ever, with over 30,000 people from groups big and small showing the very best of our LGBT+ community from across London and beyond. 

‘London continues to be a beacon of diversity and inclusion, and it is those groups that proudly march with us that shows the city to be an example to the world. That’s why we are working to ensure every member of our community - in particular our trans and non-binary siblings - feel welcome, feel safe and most importantly celebrated, with no exceptions. We hope you will join us.’

As part of Pride in London’s actions towards decarbonisation, a new carbon offset fee will be introduced for those groups that plan to use a fossil-fuel based vehicle. Last year the organisation declared a climate emergency and is working with Gold Standard - as recommended by WWF UK - to set up the new offset scheme. Following its recent parade consultation, Pride in London is also introducing a section sustainability into its code of conduct, which all partaking groups will be required to sign. 

There will once again be opportunities for individuals who are not affiliated with any LGBT+ organisation to join the Parade. From carrying the giant rainbow flag which is one of the focal points of the Parade, to marching alongside the individuals group. More details will be released in the coming weeks.

Liam Beattie
Senior Press Officer

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