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All the fabulous fun to be had at Fringe! Film Festival...

Nov 1, 2018
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Here at Pride in London we love a festival. Also we love films and parties. And we have a secret soft spot for exclamation marks.

So imagine our delight when the press release for this year’s Fringe! Film Festival sashayed into our inbox.

This annual celebration of all things queer has been running in East London now for seven years. We went last year and had the most faaaaaab-u-lous time. No, really, dressing up and everything.

SO check out for the delights on offer this year, which range from craft fairs (yeah but this is like no craft fair your WI ever put on, baby!) through exhibitions, performance, programmes of short movies and feature films to proper full-on Hackney-style parties.

Everything kicks off on Tuesday 13th November with drinkies in Dalston Superstore then a gala showing of When the Beat Drops, “which charts the development of ‘bucking’, an energetic and competitive form of dance, through the ambitions of a group of black gay men in Atlanta” it sez ’ere. Strictly eat your heart out.

Other highlights? Crikey, loads. It is consciously and gloriously diverse, so there’s a singalong showing of the Wiz, there are drag kings, there’s a lesbian club night, a seminar on spanking… a show we’d heartily recommend is Emma Frankland’s film Rituals for Change, which we saw in its stage version and loved. She literally gets down and dirty discussing gender and transition in a lyrical, physical and riveting performance.

But we love the idea of a live edition of actress-loving film podcast Broad Appeal, plus – oh yeah! Films! So many great films. Check it out.

Fringe! runs from 13th - 18th November in venues across East London. For details, visit

Isobel Stewart
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