#Genderquake - where next?

May 9, 2018
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Yesterday a group of trans campaigners issued an open letter to Channel 4 regarding their #Genderquake programming.

We know that how media represents the LGBT+ community has a huge impact in perception and acceptance - and the findings in our upcoming report underline this.

As was rightly pointed out in the letter, broadcasters carry a huge responsibility to understand the nuances of real representation and to not fuel further hate. We are mindful of this in all interactions we have with partners to ensure what they are doing is in the interest of the whole community. As we saw on last night’s shows, a considered approach is important to educate and inform the public on trans issues.

We would echo the issues raised in the letter and ask Channel 4 to outline what steps they took in the production of the #Genderquake debate - specifically around the design, tone and content of the series - and also what steps they will be taking in creating content in full co-operation with the trans community and organisations moving forward. We would encourage you to read the letter in full on Indy100.

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