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‘Grit your teeth and believe in yourself’

Jan 5, 2019
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James Haq Myles is Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing at Travelex and was involved in a Pride in the City event in 2018.

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you?

Creating a culture in which people of all abilities, backgrounds and identities can be themselves at work, thrive and build the organisations of tomorrow.

Was there a theme for the Pride in the City event you were involved with?

Mental health and wellbeing at work.

What made you feel you wanted to support this event?

That 20% of the world’s children or young people experience a mental health issue today and that as organisations we have a responsibility to create inclusive workplaces to support our colleagues and to create a more inclusive society.

Have you been involved with Pride in London before?

Yes, during my time at Stonewall and Barclays and now as part of my role at Travelex.

What impact do you think your PITC theme has on your work in the business world?

By recognising the intersectional impact on mental health, and that members of the LGBT community mental health can be impacted by covering, which in turn can impact their productivity at work. Raising awareness helps to create a work culture where people can be themselves and work more effectively, benefiting them and Travelex.

If you were to give one bit of advice to future business leaders, what would it be?

Grit your teeth and believe in yourself. Authenticity, humility and resilience will get you far. And don’t be afraid to have fun at work while reaching for your goals.

Anything else to add?

At Travelex, our wellbeing campaign focuses on creating a culture where we recognise and celebrate everyone’s intersectional identity and where people are empowered to talk about their wellbeing and mental health. We are committed to taking the stigma out of mental health.

Anthony Warlow
Article Author
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