London’s first LGBT+ talent competition for Under 18s to debut

May 25, 2018
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For the first time in the Capital city, two organisations are collaborating to debut a LGBT+ talent competition for under 18-years-old, following the inspiration and success of the Pride’s Got Talent competition, hosted by Pride in London.

Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre are collaborating in partnership with Pride in London to produce Flawless Talent: a competition designed to offer the platform, recognition, and opportunity to young LGBT+ individuals.

Pride in London currently runs Pride’s Got Talent for adults age 18, and over, and Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre felt the concept and opportunity is also an excellent way to offer young LGBT+ talent the spotlight and mentoring benefits.

“We strongly believe in young LGBT+ people, and their incredible potential, and having witnessed a great success of Pride’s Got Talent under Ian Massa-Harris’s artistic eye we thought it is vitally important to offer such similar opportunity to young LGBT+ people to help Pride in London be more inclusive,” said Lukasz Konieczka, Director of Services, Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre.

“Flawless Talent is a statement. It is to show London how amazing young LGBT+ people truly are and age should not be a factor when one has a talent,” said Rafael Pais Rosa, Head of Events, Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre.

“So much talent is happening among the LGBT+ youth community and we are enthused to help showcase and support this exciting new way to develop these artist’s careers, and to see some outstanding performances July 7th on some of our Pride in London stages,” said Christopher Joell-Deshields, Director of Community Engagement for Pride in London.

This event will offer an opportunity to perform in front of the live audience in the final, taking place Sunday, 17th June, for all of the competitors who will succeed through the private auditions, that will be judged by an independent panel. Winners of the finals will have opportunity to perform on the stages of Pride in London, on July 7th.

Applications for the competition are now open:

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