Being Out Shows People They're Not Alone

Oct 11, 2017
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Leslie, 23, Sponsor Marketing Manager  


When did you come out?

When I was 16


How did you come out?

The first person that I came out to is my first girlfriend. I was telling her about this weird non-friendship feelings that I had for her - then she became my girlfriend :)


Why did you come out?

Cause I wanted to be with the girl that I liked <3


Why do you volunteer with Pride in London?

There are too many reasons. I wanted to work with inspiring people; I wanted to be a part of this influential campaign; I wanted to know the learn and participate in the entire process of organising such a big event; I wanted to be involved in changes...... I want to make the society a better place - a place that fills with love and joy. 


Why do you think being out is important for the community? 

It allows people that are still closeted know that they are not alone and where the support is. Moreover, it also helps shade light on the inequality that our community is still facing. Too many people think that all sorts of gender equality is achieved already and neglects or ignores the fact that so many still need changes to allow the non-majority to enjoy equal rights. Overall, I would say coming out helps shapes the society a more diverse and loveable place. 


How has your life/ how have you changed since coming out?

Everything. I felt breathable.

Matthew Hemes
Article Author
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