Pride in London appoints Anomaly as creative agency partner

Dec 10, 2019
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Following a competitive pitch, Pride in London has appointed Anomaly as its creative agency partner to develop both the theme and the advertising campaign for 2020. 

The theme and campaign will act as a platform and megaphone for the LGBT+ community, creating a powerful message to unite behind that will be spread nationally and globally. In 2019, Pride in London celebrated the Pride Jubilee, marking 50 years since the Stonewall Uprising. The campaign film was seen by 2.9million during its launch spot on Channel 4, and received a total of 9.7million views across TV, Facebook, Twitter and on-demand video.

To continue the spirit of protest and activism into 2020, Anomaly has been briefed on how to celebrate every part of the LGBT+ community to ensure identity, visibility and community are at the forefront of the next year’s campaign.

Tom Stevens, Director of Marketing for Pride in London, comments: “Every year, Pride in London relies on the generosity of the creative community to deliver campaigns that bring Londoners together behind a clear theme and message. After a number of superb pitches from great agencies, Anomaly stood out as being a team of passionate and inspiring activists who understand and represent the LGBT+ community and the challenges we face. I look forward to working with them to create a campaign that makes us - and the whole of London’s LGBT+ community - proud.”

Camilla Harrisson, Partner & CEO of Anomaly’s London office, comments: "This partnership means so much to us. It is in Anomaly's DNA to push for progress, and working with the team at Pride in London represents a unique opportunity to do exactly that. It has been inspiring to witness how this campaign has rallied the agency, not least our own LGBT+ community. We can’t wait to bring the thinking, creativity, energy and ambition that Pride in London rightly deserves."

The theme of Pride in London 2020 will be announced in the new year alongside the opening of Parade applications. Each year, Pride in London works with media owners and platforms to amplify its messages. If you can help extend the reach and impact of the campaign next year, Pride in London would love to hear from you.

David Parke
Head of PR
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