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Pride in London Parade Groups Take to the Screens of London

Jun 25, 2018
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LGBT+ groups including Imaan, Biscuit and TransPALS to be shown on thousands of screens across London in the run up to the Pride parade


From today, 22 Pride in London Parade Groups will be shown on screens across London’s streets and transport network. The volunteer-run organisation brought together and filmed 16 community groups and its top 6 brand partners as part of its Community Parade Campaign, which tells the story of the many reasons people come to Pride in London, with their voices and messages.

Over 150 people took part from the following groups: the Royal Navy, the Emergency Services, Imaan, KESHETUK, Christians at Pride, TransPALS, BiPride UK, Biscuit, Opening Doors London, Metro Charity, Diversity Role Models, Pride in STEM, London Lesbian Kickabout, London Royal Hockey, Kings Cross Steelers, the Food Chain, Barclays, Tesco, CMS, PwC, Amazon Music and Delta Virgin.

The campaign will show the groups ‘marching’ across screens with messages of why they take part, reaching millions of Londoners across the city from today.

Alison Camps, Co-Chair at Pride in London, said: “Every year we continue to work towards a Pride in London that feels inclusive and welcoming to all in the London LGBT+ community. We want to spread awareness of the great work they do to Londoners far and wide throughout the year and this campaign gives unprecedented visibility for a diverse range of groups on some of London’s biggest screens”.

“Bringing everyone together for a film shoot under one roof was no easy feat. A huge thanks to our partners who give away thousands of pounds worth of media every year and also to our volunteers who have dedicated thousands of hours to put together a very ambitious campaign. We hope that we have done each and every group proud!”

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