Pride in London sees another record year of parade applications

Mar 23, 2018

We have been overwhelmed by the number of applications for the parade this year - a massive 50% increase on last year. This year we had 481 groups apply and we made it our mission to make sure all 481 groups get the chance to take part in the parade.

To get there we have worked with the Greater London Authority and Westminster City Council to increase the capacity, which is now 10% bigger than last year. We also had to look at how we can ensure we put on the best event possible for all community groups, brand partners and our volunteers and have been working hand-in-hand with our Community Advisory Board. Together we have looked at group types and overall sizes and taken a structured approach to help guide our decisions on how to calculate the number of spaces.

"The Parade is at the heart of Pride and the overwhelming number of applicants shows how important it is for people. 

Sadly, London's streets are just not big enough to accommodate everyone and we can't ask volunteers, who already start their shifts hours before the Parade, to steward an even longer event.

We have been working closely with the Pride in London Board and Parade Team to approve groups to participate and then advise on the difficult decision to reduce the numbers. 

We believe we have struck a good balance which protects LGBT+ community groups and allows for an overall increase in the number of participants. The diversity of Pride is of paramount importance and we believe smaller groups will allow for a greater diversity of people to take part. It also means London's Pride Parade remains the biggest in the country.

We are continuing to work closely with the Pride in London team to look at how things could be organised in future years."

Ozzy Amir, Chair - Community Advisory Board

One critical factor is ensuring it is safe and secure for the hundreds of volunteers who give up their time to make sure the event is a success. To do this we have to account for every single person that takes to the streets on July 7th.

So what next?

Parade groups will today have received an e-mail to confirm their space. Any parade groups that have yet to hear should e-mail

There are other ways of taking part - you could also consider submitting an event for our a Festival or volunteering with us.

We will also be sending instructions to our first parade briefing session in April. Before then if you are taking part, do take a look through our parade guidance notes.

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