Pride in London sees record number of applications for parade

Apr 5, 2019
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Pride in London has seen a 25% increase in the number of groups who have applied to be in the country’s biggest LGBT+ parade. In 2019, 594 groups applied to take part compared to 471 in 2018. The parade is expected to be around 6 hours long and would have enough people to fill Wembley Arena two and a half times over. This record level of applications confirms Pride as London’s third largest annual one-day event, behind the New Year fireworks and London Marathon.

As the world marks 50 years since the Stonewall Uprising in New York, there are London-based groups also celebrating their own landmark moments such as the Albert Kennedy Trust (akt), which celebrates its 30th anniversary. There are also almost 200 groups who will be participating for the first time this year.

Each year every application is reviewed by Pride in London and its Community Advisory Board to ensure they are in line with our code of conduct, which promotes diversity, equality and respect for all who want to take part. Steps have been taken since last year to ensure that applicants hold the best interests of the whole LGBT+ community at heart and this year a record 99.7% of applications this year were approved.

All groups will be contacted by Pride in London over the coming week. This year steps have been taken to reduce the number of buses following feedback from the community. The number of floats has also been restricted to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure a smooth operation of the event.

Tim Sigsworth MBE, CEO at akt said: “As the world’s first charity to respond to the issue of LGBT youth homelessness, we are incredibly proud of the strong and empowered young people we have supported over the past 30 years and the volunteers, staff and supporters who have helped us. However, our work must continue and grow in 2019, as we experience a rise in young people in crisis needing our support”.

“6th July is akt’s official 30th anniversary date and we are especially proud and happy to be joining the thousands of people who will be marching at Pride in London this year. For akt we march at Pride to deliver a strong message that the fight for equality continues for LGBT people and we are here for young people, wherever and whenever they need us”.

Michael Salter-Church MBE, Co-Chair of Pride in London added: “We are proud that seven years after taking on the organisation of Pride we now have tens of thousands of people who want to take to the streets to march and parade alongside their LGBT+ siblings in the name of equality.

We have worked alongside our Community Advisory Board to review all applications and ensure that Pride is a safe place for everyone. This year, more than ever, that is at the top of our agenda.  Pride in London is one of the largest Pride events in the world, it shows that people are still passionate about having their voices heard and our team of volunteers works hard to create an event where people can have respect for each other and collectively we continue the push for equality, both in the UK and abroad.

As we face a more fractured world, with increases in attacks on the LGBT+ community around the world, not least in Brunei, Chechnya and even against teaching about homosexuality in our own country, Pride is as important as ever.  Therefore we are looking forward to seeing even more groups take to the streets on July 6th and encourage others to come down and cheer the marchers on”.

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