Pride in London statement on UK Black Pride

Aug 25, 2017
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Commenting on today’s press release from UK Black Pride, a spokesperson for LGBT+ Pride in London said:   “Like UK Black Pride, Pride in London is run by volunteers, so we both understand how important it is to obtain feedback from the communities we seek to represent and serve.  Pride in London is 100 per cent committed to being more representative of the diversity within the LGBTQ+ community and are discussing a new structure at both Board and core volunteer team level that we believe will help achieve this. This year over a third of our volunteers are members of the BAME community.”   “We are currently studying the Community Advisory Board’s report and are meeting with them next month.  Last month we also invited UK Black Pride to meet with us for a de-brief session.”   “UK Black Pride is a national event of great importance and Pride in London has been proud to work with them over the last five years, initially facilitating use of Golden Square and latterly in Vauxhall Spring Gardens.  We are carefully considering their statement as we want to learn from how things have been done in the past.”   “The volunteers that organise Pride in London strive at all times to do their best, and we have always said we want to be an event both run by - and for - the whole LGBT+ community.  Where people feel we are not getting it right we will listen, discuss and work our hardest to do better.  We clearly need to build some bridges with parts of the community and this will be a key focus for us moving forwards.”


  • Pride in London is run by volunteers and costs c.£950k to stage each year. The Mayor of London contributes c.1/9th of the funding but the rest has to be raised through sponsorship, fundraising and other methods.  All financial details are published at our Open Meetings

  • The former organisers of Pride collapsed in 2012 so the current structure for Pride in London has developed over the past five years

  • This year was the biggest Pride in London to date with more community groups and charities represented than ever before,

  • We are currently looking at the governance structure of Pride in London and how we bring in more diversity. This will be published after we have concluded all the wash-up meetings with the groups of volunteers looking after different elements of the event, so we are in possession of all the facts and thoughts from the people who actually make Pride in London happen.  We anticipate publishing in mid-September

  • Please go here for our statement on the CAB’s report 

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