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Pride in London’s response to the Prime Minister’s announcement of the LGBT Action Plan

May 24, 2018
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On the 30th anniversary of the enactment of Section 28, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced a proposed new LGBT Action Plan, to tackle issues that are pertinent to the LGBT+ community. The action plan will be announced in detail this summer. In a letter addressed to the LGBTQ community for the next issue of Gay Times, the Prime Minister pledged her government’s support to “help make us a country where no one feels the need to hide who they are or who they love.”

Pride in London welcomes this announcement, but we hold reservations as it is not clear what the LGBT Action Plan will include as this has not been formally revealed. It is expected to tackle improvements within healthcare, education and personal safety for the LGBT+ community. In response, Co-Chairs of Pride in London, Alison Camps and Michael Salter-Church said:

“Pride in London welcomes the Prime Minister’s announcement this morning on the LGBT Action Plan as we recognise more still needs to be done to tackle the injustices the LGBT+ community still face in the UK.

We have several reservations on the Prime Minister’s announcement and until we have full clarity of the issues that will be covered in the action plan, our reservations will remain. The Government has been slow to act on LGBT+ issues in recent years and especially on the anniversary of Section 28, we are reminded of the persecution our community still faces today.

Our concerns are justified. Last week it was announced that the UK has slipped to fourth place in the Rainbow Europe’s Country Ranking Report and our marriage equality is still not afforded to everyone in the United Kingdom as the LGBT+ community in Northern Ireland are still fighting for this basic civil right. In addition, the trans community in the UK is facing unprecedented levels of hatred and discrimination in public and in the media.

Tough, decisive action must be taken to ensure that discrimination of any form is stamped out, in every community across the UK. Everyone has the right to be who they are and should not have to hide who they love. Until equality has been achieved, our fight is not over and Pride in London will continue to take to the streets of the capital against this injustice.

As this action plan is for the LGBT+ community living in the UK we also hope to see more detail about how the Government will be working with partners and with international partners to improve the rights of LGBT+ people in the Commonwealth and around the world.

We look forward to working closely with the Prime Minister and other LGBT+ organisations across the UK to help realise the Prime Minister’s proposed LGBT Action Plan. We are eager to see the detail behind the announcement and look forward to helping Government to deliver its pledge in ensuring the UK is a world leader in LGBT+ rights. There is still work to be done”

Pride in London is a volunteer-led organisation, hosting hundreds of events that culminate in a parade through the capital’s streets. This year’s parade is taking place on Saturday 7th July 2018.

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