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Pride’s Got Talent’s winners and finalists to debut on Pride in London stages

Jun 14, 2018
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After months of auditions and rehearsals, the winners and finalists of this year’s Pride’s Got Talent will take to the stages to perform in front of thousands of people on July 7th.

Set to take to the stages are 22 finalists, including Pride’s Got Talent Pop winner L.M.R. along with Pride’s Got Talent Cabaret winner Busty and Ginger who will perform at Trafalgar Square. Performances across the other stages will include runner’s up Grace Hartrey and Smashlyn Monroe, and our finalists: Danny Ash, Bashema, Marcus Morgan, Charlie Lee Rose, Max Legroom, Loui Von Dini, Dawn Iverson, The Goblets, Jim Lavender, Hannah Brakenbury, Terry Tour, Grapefruit, Reno & Rome, George Redwood, Barry Locke, Chasing Deer, Selena in the Chapel, Nicola Collis, Andrea Di Giovanni, Matilda Wood, Bekah Whitney, Sofia B, Lisa Paris, STITCH, and L.A.D. Tony Corton.

They will line up alongside icons of the UK’s LGBT+ community, as well as leading allies, politicians and many notable public figures.

This year marks the fifth year for Pride’s Got Talent, which shines a spotlight on dozens of LGBT+ performers. Conceived in 2014 at the legendary Madame JoJo’s in Soho, by Ian Massa-Harris-McFeely, who developed a mission to help emerging LGBT+ artists in the community get a fair chance to showcase at Pride in London. Pride’s Got Talent is in partnership with Amazon Music UK and is supported by the Musicians Union.

From the beginning, the ethos has been strong for everyone, irrespective of gender, sexuality, disability or ethnicity, everyone is to be encouraged to enter the competition. Resulting shows over the years have brought great diversity to the Pride in London stages, as well as an exciting and wide-ranging variety of performances.

“This year’s competition really showcased the vast talents the LGBT+ community offers the country, and on many occasions throughout this process, I have been moved to emotional tears watching in amazement as these gifted performers have developed,” said Ian Massa-Harris-McFeely, Executive Producer. “I am really looking forward to the on-stage debuts of our winners and finalists. Moments that will mark the culmination of this year’s competition, but is truly only the beginning of fantastic careers for all of our Pride’s Got Talent performers.”

Information about the Women’s StageCabaret Stage and the Family Stage is now available.

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