Since Coming Out I've Become A Lot More Positive

Oct 11, 2017
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Suraj, 28, Public Affairs and Policy

When did you come out?

I came out over a long period of time. I was 19 when I first told my friend, which was an incrediblly hard thing to do. But after that it became easier.

How did you come out?

I came out in person to friends and some family.

Why did you come out?

I was in a really bad place mentally before coming out. Being Indian adds a whole other layer that can make coming out incredibly scary. I wanted to be true to myself.

Why do you volunteer with Pride in London?

I volunteer at Pride in London to help make a difference for the LGBT community. I believe we all have a vital role to play to ensure our rights are always protected and upheld. I also feel diversity within the LGBT community is important as organisations should represent the whole community.

Why do you think being out is important for the community?

It's important to me because I was once a frightened 11 year old who had no idea what being gay meant. If I can help someone like me in my situation that would be so amazing!

How has your life/ how have you changed since coming out?

It's become a lot more positive. I feel I can be true to myself without fear of being outed.

Matthew Hemes
Article Author
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