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Statement on NSPCC’s participation in the parade

Jun 25, 2019
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We are aware of questions surrounding the NSPCC's presence in the Pride in London Parade. First and foremost, we would like to make it clear that everyone here at Pride in London stands with Munroe one hundred per cent, and we will continue to do all we can to support LGBT+ young people and protect their access to vital services.

Our transgender siblings need solidarity from the LGBT+ community and allies now more than ever, and we believe the actions of the NSPCC directors have brought division, bullying and bigotry to our doorstep. We welcomed the letter from 148 NSPCC staff who spoke out against this behaviour, many of whom are part of the group looking to march at Pride.

After careful consideration and discussions with the NSPCC and Munroe, all parties have agreed that now is a time for healing. The NSPCC board has agreed to take the following steps in the right direction:

  • Releasing a further statement reiterating their understanding of having handled things badly, and acknowledging the impact on staff and the community

  • Making a public commitment to LGBT+ young people, and rejecting anti-trans behaviours online and in the media

  • Establishing a dialogue with LGBT+ organisations such as Stonewall to understand how best to heal the pain caused to staff as well as build bridges with the community

  • Hosting a stall at Pride in London which will be attended by senior NSPCC leaders to allow people at the event to raise any concerns

Based on the NSPCC making the above commitments, we have decided to allow their group to keep their place in the Parade. To deny their staff - many of whom share our core values - the opportunity to march and protest would not be the right decision. We ask for support from you, the community, to respect the staff group's place in the Parade. 

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