We Had Our First Date On National Coming Our Day

Oct 11, 2017
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Leni Morris, 32, Senior Manager 


When did you come out?

I started coming out when I was in my teens, but wasn't out fully until my late twenties.


How did you come out?

Slowly, and with decreasing levels of difficulty over time. I came out to my mother three times over a decade before she really got it. Totally by chance, my first long-term same sex partner and I had our first date on National Coming Out Day - she was also in the process of coming out in her late twenties, and we always thought that the date was an cringeworthily funny accident.


Why did you come out?

Because, whilst it was always imperative for me to live fully as who I am, I grew up with a lot of homophobia that I had internalised. I needed to be comfortable with myself in order to ever be comfortable being who I was with other people. Every time I have had to come out, a little bit of my internalised homophobia and fear has shrunk away, and the process has become easier along with that.


Why do you volunteer with Pride in London?

Because I believe passionately that the London, the most queer friendly city in the country with the best LGBT rights in the world, must have a massive great protest every year on behalf of all those in our community who struggle, both at home and abroad. We must march for those who can't.


Why do you think being out is important for the community? 

Visibility, as with all minority representation, is key.


How has your life/ how have you changed since coming out?

My life and I are barely recognisable between the before and after.

Matthew Hemes
Article Author
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