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Our logo

Designed by Michael McDonough


Our logo was designed by Michael McDonough, an art director, 3 motion artist and producer based in London. He talks here about the creative process.

"In 2012 I was commissioned to develop the visual identity and branding for Pride in London. As a member of the LGBT+ community I was keen to ensure that we created something different for this major London event. The challenge of the brief was to create a design that invited the whole of London to take part, to give the visual identity of Pride in London a feeling of festival rather than perhaps a perceived Soho-centric event. My approach was to include London's skyline, taking key icons such as The Shard and Big Ben and mixing them with a vibrant and broad mix of colours dissipating and moving to reflect the busy ebb and flow and energy of this major city. After successful development of the Pride in London branding in 2013, I was commissioned again to develop a new look and feel for 2014. The brief was to create a fresh, vibrant and inviting visual identity for this central London event focusing again on the icons of London’s architecture but this time to evolve the logo and visual identity further. Working with the Pride in London team a mixture of print and digital collateral, branding guidelines and press assets were developed for the event campaign as well as outdoor signage and performance space design works. Seeing the branding creative I’ve developed continue and further evolve for Pride in London over the last three years has been a real privilege as a designer and member of the community and I hope it continues to help further establish Pride in London as the UK’s premier annual LGBT+ event."

Michael McDonough