Applying to be in the Parade

New application process

The online applications process will run in two phases. This is designed to increase representation of small groups from within our diverse set of communities. 

Once applications open, we will provide regular updates on the remaining capacity via our social media channels. We will also be doing active diversity monitoring to ensure the parade is truly representative.

Phase 1

Groups can apply for a place in the parade, and for up to a maximum of 200 wristbands.

Phase 2 

If the parade does not reach capacity at the point where the parade sign up has to close for operational planning, groups who are already approved and in the parade and would like more than 200 wristbands will be able to apply for an additional fee.

After an application has been submitted, it can take up to two weeks for confirmation that the group has been given a place in the parade. During this two week period, the parade team and community representatives and advisors review the application to ensure the group meets Pride in London’s code of conduct.

Entry costs

The cost of entry for walking groups of 50 or less for non-profits and for small businesses has been held for the second year running, to enable more small groups to be be able to take part in the parade.

Group type <50 wristbands <100 wristbands <200 wristbands Small float (with up to 100 wristbands) Large float (with up to 200 wristbands)
Non profit £50 £100 £200 £350 £650
Small business £450 £600 £800 £1,200 £1,400
Standard rate £600 £700 £900 £2,600 £3,000
Union £480 £560 £720 £2,080 £2,400

Group Types

Non profit

This is a charity, network group or social group, without a corporate affiliation or funding. Examples: registered charities, Universities, national and local government, NHS.

Small business

A small business is defined as one that does not have a turnover of more than £6.5million, and not more than 50 employees. Examples: limited companies, sole traders, club nights or groups that run as a business.

Standard rate

A corporate group, or LGBTQ+ network group of a corporate business, with or without funding. Examples: LGBTQ+ corporate branded network groups, with or without funding and all other applications that do not fit into the other categories.


We are pleased to offer a 20% discount for TUC affiliated Trade Unions off the standard rate.

Float sizes and vehicles

Float entries include wristbands in the entry cost and do not need to pay a second fee for people walking with the float. If you are unsure of the classification of your vehicle please contact the parade team.

Float size Width Length Height maximum
Small float <2.5 metres <6 metres 4 metres
Large float <2.5 metres <10 metres 4 metres

Small floats

Up to four motorbikes or bicycles, single car, people carrier, mini bus, rickshaw

Large floats

Lorries, buses (single or double decker), vans (all sizes), heavy machinery vehicles (e.g. JCB)


If you have any questions or comments please contact where we will aim to get back to you within 3 working days.


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