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Over the past few years the number of groups and participants in the parade has increased rapidly. Requests for wristbands surpassed 200% of our capacity for the cancelled 2020 parade.  For 2021 we are altering our parade route and ensuring LGBT+ organisations are central to the parade.

Comprehensive feedback from our community has called for the parade to have a community focus - providing more space and a platform for LGBT+ groups large and small. This new focus is per our newly introduced brand values of Visibility, Unity and Equality, designed to constantly align us with community needs.

In 2021 the proportion of space allocated to LGBT+ groups will be increased both in terms of number of participants and number of organisations.  LGBT+ focussed organisations (and their members) will be prioritised over non-LGBT+ nonprofits and companies.

As part of this work registration classes are now simpler which includes clearer pricing:

LGBT+ organisations (Community Groups and Businesses)

  • LGBT+ Community Groups

    • For charities, community groups, grassroot organisations, CICs and other non-profit organisations.

    • Primary or major part of the “purpose” of the organisation must be related to the LGBT+ community.

    • The price per wristband is £1 (inc VAT)

    • The price for a float is £500 (inc VAT)

    • All floats may be subject to a ballot

    • Example eligible groups: Terrence Higgins Trust, Mermaids, Gaymers iNC, London Furs, Stonewall, Rainbows across Borders

  • LGBT+ Businesses

    • For venues, websites, fashion brands, club nights, apps and other commercial enterprises.

    • A major portion of all business must be related to the LGBT+ community.

    • Sub-brands within larger companies are not eligible.

    • The price per wristband is £5 (ex VAT)

    • The price for a float is £600 (ex VAT)

    • All floats may be subject to a ballot

    • Example eligible groups: Recon, PinkNews, DIVA Magazine, Pride Life

Depending on the exact capacity of the parade route and demand for parade places, the exact number of wristbands allocated will vary, however we hope  to be able to accommodate at least 50-60 wristbands per group.

During registration, LGBT+ groups will be able to set a limit on the number of wristbands they need (to ensure there isn’t an over-allocation) and can also apply for their group to get additional allocations (e.g. if your group represents an underrepresented part, or intersection, of LGBT+ communities).

Non LGBT+ organisations (Nonprofits/Unions/Companies) 

Employee Networks, LGBT+ chapters within organisations, religious groups, charities of all different shapes and sizes form an important part of the parade and highlight the intersections between LGBT+ communities and other parts of life, such as education, work, religion, race, accessibility, poverty, international affairs and more.

For these groups, they will be able to select one of several “fixed” entry types and won’t be able to request a different number of participant wristbands for their group.  Groups will be invited to return any unused wristband allocation.

  • Nonprofits & Unions

    • For any organisation, group or association which is a non-profit or community-orientated organisation: for example: charities, unions, unincorporated associations & sports clubs.

    • For 2021, NHS Trusts are also included in this category

    • 70 wristbands with an optional float

    • Base Price: £210 (£3/wristband) inc VAT

    • Additional Float Cost: £750 inc VAT

    • All floats may be subject to a ballot

  • Company Entry (no float)

    • Employee network, council, public sector body or any other commercial organisation

    • 50 wristbands

    • £1,000 (£20/wristband) ex VAT

  • Company Entry (float)

    • Employee network, council, public sector body or any other commercial organisation

    • 70 wristbands + float

    • £6,400 (£20/wristband + £5000 float charge) ex VAT

Employee-led and funded networks within commercial organisations are encouraged to apply for “Company Entry - no float”.  Networks and chapters with central or corporate funding are encouraged to apply for “Company Entry - with float”.

Each group type has a limited number of places allocated within the parade. When there are more entrants than places available, Pride in London will run a ballot between groups.  This may include certain groups being prioritised to ensure that sectors are evenly represented.

We are committed to reducing the number of floats in the parade in 2021 compared to 2019. Once applications have closed we will aim to confirm to groups within three weeks whether their application was successful and if they have a float or not.

Parade Route

The Parade route will be slightly changing in 2021. We will still be marching through central London, Piccadilly Circus and around Trafalgar Square. We will share the final route as soon as we can.

If you have any questions not answered in the guidance notes in relation to the parade, please email We aim to reply within five working days.